At times in the fitness industry, it can often feel like we’ve now seen everything.  The truth is, few fundamentals change considerably.  We’re still human at the heart of it all and no one can exercise for you.  So, no matter the next great equipment introduction or hottest new studio opening, people are people and we find energy in being with and/or around other people.  Coupling this focus of energy with accessibility and convenience, is key to successful outcomes in one’s fitness.

Much of our process in designing actionable space for indoor exercise is understanding that at its basis, it’s all about movement. Movement is the foundation for all activity.  Confinement is the antithesis of our goal in creating environments that allow participants to functionally interact with the plethora of equipment and accessory available today.  But not all space need be designed for grueling workouts.  In fact, basic stretching, floor exercise, and light resistance stimulate the well know benefits of exercise including brain function, stress reduction, balanced mood and behavior, and of course mobility. Therefore, the possibilities are great when examining how we might more readily create space to move wherever we work, play, and rejuvenate.

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Employers love when employees reduce absenteeism and come to work mentally focused and fit for the job.  Not every corporation can provide a gym or assist in the management of one’s health outside of the workplace.  However, introducing movement spaces adjacent or embedded, into break rooms, relaxation spaces, or in proximity to one’s desk, is a much more obtainable goal for most. We often refer to these as No Sweat zones.  These spaces at their basis must simply provide suitable flooring and common fitness accessory such as stretching mats, foam rollers, and stability balls.  They can be slightly intensified with the introduction of light resistance tools such as medicine balls, tubing, or even TRX® Suspension.  For further fun, these areas can be delineated with floor graphics that can guide patterns or even social gaming interaction such as Twister®.

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The best part is – none of these activities require a full change of clothing, much less a shower.  The idea is to create adjunct spaces integrating more movement throughout the day while supplementing ones more rigorous exercise routine elsewhere.  No Sweat areas are also applicable in Multifamily Housing communities, Universities, and Hotels.   They not only stimulate the derivative benefits of exercise for employees, students, and guests, but further promote social interaction and validation that its OK to take a quick break, get up, and purposely move for a few minute in-between life’s intensities.

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