At Aktiv, we create immersive movement-based training spaces for health clubs, boutique studios, and fitness amenities alike. Our mission is to design safe, and supremely functional spaces supporting our client’s delivery of inspirational exercise experiences.

Our Expertise


Our creative process establishes efficiency and purpose for every project. We incorporate leading architectural and interior design principles with the latest in exercise trend and equipment solution.


We balance exercise trend and technology to create user engagement in every gym we design. Our team of Functional Design Specialists are passionate about creating spaces for exercise that will keep every workout fresh. 


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Evolving A Gym Staple: The Smith Machine

Evolving A Gym Staple: The Smith Machine

For decades, the Smith machine has been a fixture in gyms worldwide, offering a sense of security and stability for various strength training exercises. However, its fixed bar path has always been a source of debate, raising concerns about its impact on natural movement patterns and potential for injury. While the classic Smith machine has many strengths, the revolutionary new GYM RAX® SMITH S3D Trainer™ (S3D) targets its weaknesses and aims to bridge the gap between safety and natural movement.

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