Feb. 22, 2021, Santa Monica, CA – Fitness Ventures International, LLC. announced today that Advantage Fitness Products (AFP) will now unite with its signature Aktiv Solutions division as the company looks to unify its customer experience across a broader range of facility types.

In 1997, Bryan Green founded AFP to provide fitness design and supply support for fitness amenities well beyond the spectrum of commercial health clubs. AFP has participated in the development of exercise spaces for Fortune 500 companies, global hospitality flags, universities, and residential amenities for countless multi-family developments. The company’s flagship FitnessDesignGroup® division has also grown to serve as a globally recognized consultancy for the early stage planning and design of nearly every sector in commercial and home gym creation.

Now together with Aktiv, clients will benefit from a host of increased services and new support function.  “Advantage Fitness Products has always stood for best of breed and tailored support on behalf of clients that require first-in-class fitness amenity.  We’re proud to have served so many, and for so long, and excited to continue to modernize our offering under the umbrella of Aktiv Solutions” said Green.  The combined sales division will remain under Fitness Ventures International management and all company personnel have been retained.

Aktiv has more recently launched new product lines and partnerships designed to further enhance its offering for both commercial and consumer clients alike.  “We’re excited to unify our sales divisions as we continue to increase our market footprint and focus on growth” said Gordon Stirling, Managing Partner and Vice President of Sales for Aktiv.  “Fitness forward is all about meeting clients where they are.  Today that means where they live, work, and play and we’re here to support it all”.

About Aktiv Solutions

At Aktiv®, we amplify functional training spaces with premium equipment and digital guidance powering today’s most sought after workouts. Our mission is to establish safe, functional, and engaging facilities, while our clients deliver inspirational exercise experiences.  Gym Rax® are the world’s leading fitness rigging solution for modular storage and suspension. Integrating the principles of functional fitness with the technical expertise of functional design is our calling. For more information, visit www.aktivsolutions.com.

About FitnessDesignGroup

FitnessDesignGroup is a specialized gym design and wellness consultancy providing exercised based planning guidance for residential and commercial facilities worldwide. Our team of Functional Design Specialists provide unique perspective and deep expertise in project feasibility, execution, procurement, market research and technology integrations. We Design the Exercise Experience®. FDG clients include leading public & private health clubs, hotels, corporations, property developers, universities, boutique studios, and private residences. Visit Us at FitnessDesignGroup.com