LOS ANGELES—To lure the fitness-focused traveler, a hotel must offer more than an on-site gym with a few free weights and a treadmill. Fitness equipment company Aktiv is ready to disrupt the industry by implementing its virtual fitness platform into hotel gyms and guestrooms around the world.

“In terms of travelers, millennials now see travel as a business perk, and in many cases, they fully expect that their experiences and amenities while on the road outweigh those at home,” said Bryan Green, a wellness entrepreneur and founder of Aktiv, based here. “Hotels are upping their game when it comes to fitness amenities to stay competitive. In terms of equipment, functional training tools such as medicine balls and suspension straps and kettlebells must balance out the traditional treadmills and elliptical machines. Variety is important, so offering unique and fresh training tools is a must, and equipment must be on brand and stylish—an extension of the overall environment.”

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