Featured In Campus Rec Magazine | December 21, 2021

In 2015 Utah State proudly unveiled to its student population the now highly acclaimed Aggie Recreation Center.  In 2019 The facility welcomed its one millionth visitor. Today, the ARC averages participation by 98 percent of the student population at least once during the school year.  The utilization of wellness-based facilities at Utah State are yet another demonstration of the significant levels of participation and integration of health for university based students everywhere.   Key to the successful adoption of University based recreation facilities is their ability to specialize around the more tailored demands of a student population vs. that of the traditional gym.

More generally, student recreation spaces have outpaced traditional gyms in their provision of open space for movement and functional training based modalities.  This includes larger and more plentiful inclusions of group exercise studios, open training “playground” on the main training floor, and more recently a greater accommodation of stretching and exercise recovery areas.

utah state functional group training

Aktiv Solutions is proud to have partnered with Utah State University and continues to support their dedication to the greater well-being of its students.  Learn more here about the functional training spaces at the Aggie Recreation Center continue to motivate, adapt, and accommodate new students every year.

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