The world’s leading brand of functional training equipment GYM RAX expands to include premium free-weight and Olympic movement systems.

[Santa Monica, CA June 1, 2023] — Aktiv Solutions, the leader in functional fitness facility design and supply, announced today the latest addition to its proprietary GYM RAX® line of premium functional training gym equipment: FORMA™, a state-of-the-art strength-based equipment line. The new offering extends Aktiv’s commitment to providing fitness facilities with increased innovation and specialized movement-based training systems.

Incorporating extensive research and development, the GYM RAX FORMA Strength Series epitomizes quality and excellence in Olympic style training. Crafted to meet the demands of any commercial fitness facility or luxury home gym, FORMA offers unrivaled durability and precision engineering. Each piece is meticulously designed to optimize workout performance and maximize results.

GYM RAX FORMA Strength Equipment

FORMA also sets a new standard in functional performance and aesthetic. The modular lineup expands to include premium Olympic racking, free-weights, and benches that exude quality in every component. FORMA’s ergonomic design prioritizes user comfort and safety. The Olympic Rack allows for ease of adjustment with new patent pending Free Lock™ connection technology. Every product in the FORMA line boasts robust construction, ensuring durability and longevity within the most demanding fitness environments.

“Aktiv is dedicated to inspiring facility operators and enthusiasts alike via every product we design, ” said Gordon Stirling, Vice President of Sales, Aktiv Solutions. “Expanding our FORMA strength equipment lineup represents our ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We’re excited to share the deep functionality and engaging esthetics of these new systems.”

Key to FORMA’s functionality is its adaptability and modularity. Each product is designed to seamlessly integrate together, setting the stage for endless customization options. Additionally, a new FORMA colorway selection allows for pull up bars and Olympic training bars to align and introduce a color infusion for every installation.

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