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Dramatic Shift in Movement-Driven and Athletic-Inspired Training Demands Adjustments to Facility Floor Planning, Design, and Programming.

SANTA MONICA, CA (Oct 20, 2015) – What was once about buff and beautiful, is now about function and longevity in today’s modern era of movement-oriented, athletic-inspired fitness. As a result, health club chains and independent studios alike face a significant crossroads between relevance and irrelevance.

Aktiv Solutions™, a new venture formed by a unique mix of fitness industry experts and functional design specialists, is setting out to empower operators with unique expertise and revenue-driving solutions to successfully adapt to these consumer-driven trends.

Static, resistance training equipment is experiencing a significant decline, while demands for space, group activity, and flow continue to grow. Contemporary exercise methods that emphasize more dynamic movement from suspension training to kettlebell training are what todays’ fitness-focused consumers crave.  At the same time, exercise has become a significant socialization platform – a trend that is also requiring facilities to revise floor plans and exercise programming to accommodate this prominent social dynamic.

Founded by Bryan Green, wellness industry entrepreneur and facility design expert, Aktiv’s mission is rooted in “designing the exercise experience” through an understanding of today’s relevant fitness methods, and the physical and structural demands it places on health clubs and boutique studios alike. Aktiv’s mission is to assist health club operators with timely design-driven expertise and unique products, developed specifically for today’s more dynamic and movement-oriented training experience.

“It’s no secret that today’s consumers are expecting a more engaging and communal experience from health clubs, driven by a far more sophisticated, athletic and exercise-science driven fitness culture,” said Green. “The trouble for traditional facilities is that it requires them, in some cases, to radically adjust the physical environment to accommodate these modern, movement-oriented training methods. We created Aktiv because of this need to provide functional design expertise first, and unique equipment-oriented solutions to follow”.

Aktiv is also the United States distribution partner for dynamic training products including GYM RAX™, Fitgraphix™, and LYFT™ Fitness. The company also enjoys strategic relationships with the industry’s leading brands including TRX®, Antigravity Fitness®, BOSU®, Vipr®, ecore®, and others.

These products integrate organically with Aktiv’s overall design solutions toward an end goal of enhancing the member experience and, in turn, drive revenue.  Storage, Suspension, Floor & Wall Graphics, and most importantly safe and functional space planning are the foundation of the Aktiv offering.

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