Looking for that perfect holiday gift for yourself or the fitness enthusiast in your life? Look no further! Aktiv Solutions has an extensive array of functional training equipment, strength training gear, and recovery tools for all fitness levels. With plenty of options and great prices for the holidays, you won’t want to miss out.


The newest innovation in suspended exercise is the compact, fully retractable RECOIL. With the simple push of a button, the RECOIL can extend and retract evenly, to whatever length the user needs, with the durability and rigor you expect from a great bodyweight suspension device. RECOIL can be used for any kind of strength or core training, with quick and easy adjustments for different users or different movements.

Best for: Someone with limited space to work out


Aktiv STRAPS is a tried and true, dual anchor, bodyweight suspension device with interchangeable handles. STRAPS come with two independent, adjustable straps with easily adjustable foot loops that fit any user. With the additional SLING and BARRE handle, STRAPS is a great choice for functional training, recovery, or yoga at home or at the gym.

Best for: Someone that prefers multi-use accessories for a variety of exercise modalities


One of the most innovative rope training products on the market today, the REVVLL offers continuous resistance training for the upper body and core. Easily adjust resistance with the turn of a dial for various pushing and pulling movements. High-quality parts and an antimicrobial urethane rope make REVVLL an easy choice for a home gym or a health club. One of the best endless rope trainers for solo workouts or group circuits, you can even do an “upper body cardio” workout.

Best for: Rock climbers, athletes, and especially users with varied mobility


Aktiv BANDS are an efficient and effective option for multi-plane strength training workouts. Push, pull, twist and more with the simple and safe resistance tube kit. Aktiv BANDS have a safe and durable cover that prevents any dangerous breakage while also prolonging the life of the resistance tubes. Easily go from a push move to a twisting motion, to a pull move, to a leg exercise without breaking your flow.

Best for: Someone that likes to do circuit or HIIT workouts


Aktiv AQUA offers a line of water and air-filled reactive training gear. AQUA products create a unique stabilization challenge during functional movement, using dynamic stabilization to improve power and strength, build stability muscles and improve reaction time. This product is both novel and effective, and even better is approachable by fitness pros and novices alike due to the easy weight adjustability.

Best for Veteran or newbie exercisers, or people that enjoy working out with med balls.


Aktiv’s FORMA free-weight line modernizes the training space. With square dumbbells, an ergonomic weightlifting bench, and a 3-tiered flat dumbbell rack, FORMA suffices a number of the standard gym essentials, but with a modern twist. Users can perform all the standard lifts from a chest press to bicep curls, to deadlifts.

Best for: Someone that likes modern, clean gym equipment


The leader in percussive therapy and recovery, Hyperice products are a necessity for the fit-minded person. The Hypervolt massage gun offers relief for sore muscles while improving mobility and blood flow. The Vyper foam roller and the Hypersphere massage ball are a great way to recover as well.

Best for: Anyone from newbie to hardcore exerciser who wants to make self-care a priority

Happy holiday shopping!