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With a focus on movement-based modalities and groundbreaking gym layouts, Aktiv transforms ordinary spaces into a harbor for functional strength training.


Beneath the grit of an ordinary gym environment, there lies a grace that pushes the space to cater towards users’ needs, not against. Few understand this balance better than Bryan Green, Aktiv Solutions’ Founder and CEO.

Recently, Bryan met with Athletech News to further discuss this balance.

“It’s easy to say, ‘utility matters most’ until you realize that humans engage in fitness in differing ways, and today’s biggest problem to solve is certainly not accessibility to equipment, rather its sustainability in user engagement.”

Green’s point is reflected through Aktiv’s recent work in revolutionizing the fitness industry through a form-following-function approach to functional strength training.

When building a gym floor, studio, or other movement-based space, Green and the Aktiv team prioritize foundational solutions: whether that’s how to solve traffic jams, create multi use spaces, or ensure all fitness enthusiasts feel comfortable and capable in their environment.

Aktiv continues to push the fitness industry forward through innovative equipment that reflects the next big thing while challenging traditional modalities. The heart of Aktiv’s functional strength options lies within the FORMA™ line, which offers a range of equipment to accommodate versatile strength training. The most recent hit, the SMITH 3D Trainer™ (S3D), further pushes the evolution of multi-use equipment while prioritizing natural human movements. The trainer has been recognized as one of the most revolutionary launches of this year.

The fitness world is beginning to appreciate the value of functional strength training, and Green is certain Aktiv is at the forefront.

To learn more about Aktiv’s work creating groundbreaking functional strength spaces and a further in-depth look into Bryan Green’s industry changing approach >> Read the complete article at Athletech News

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