The wellness industry’s influence on hotel offerings is a shift that continues to escalate. Guests are looking for highly customizable, personal yet interactive workouts. People want to work out wherever they want, whenever they want. Above all, the exercise experience must be second to none, not a mere check-the-box offering,

Aktiv fully understands this, and has been designing exercise amenities for nearly twenty years. Having inked deals with Hilton’s portfolio of brands and Accor Group properties, as well as independent properties such as Silicon Valley’s Park James Hotel and Mandarin Oriental, throughout Europe and Asia, Aktiv is well on their way to helping hoteliers up their game when it comes to fitness.

“In terms of travelers, millennials now see travel as a business perk, and in many cases, they fully expect that their experiences and amenities while on the road outweigh those at home,” said Bryan Green, a wellness entrepreneur and founder of Aktiv, based here. In terms of equipment, functional training tools such as medicine balls and suspension straps and kettlebells must balance out the traditional treadmills and elliptical machines. Variety is important, so offering unique and fresh training tools is a must, and equipment must be on brand and stylish—an extension of the overall environment.”

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