For the past several years, health club owners and operators have been challenged to compete with the high demand for boutique fitness studios. The winning combination of a strong community aspect, robust guidance, and diverse and powerful programming is hard to beat for traditional clubs that are filled with cardio equipment and machines that users must fend for themselves to use.

Health club operators can no longer offer only standard gym equipment solutions; they must also deliver relevant, innovative training equipment and programming tailored to energize and guide users in their fitness experience.

So how does a health club operator achieve this?

By thinking inside the box – and building a boutique fitness experience within your larger space!

Consider the following components that make up a superior user experience for health clubs:


A shared space with equipment for simultaneous personal or group use is the best way to facilitate community in a fitness facility today. Users are assured that their workout will be supported with all the necessary equipment set up, yet there becomes an inherent and shared energy from others.

Implementation Tip:

GYM RAX® modular training wall systems and bridges create open, dedicated space for simultaneous functional training and movement-based modalities. With a wide variety of connection points, GYM RAX supports suspension training, boxing, pull ups, and all the unique and fun functional training tools for people to work out alongside one another.

Digital Guidance

Exercisers today want to follow along with guided, energetic, and result-driven workouts versus creating their own or floundering around a space with a sea of overwhelmingly redundant and static equipment. Digital guidance is efficient, effective, and a complement to any movement-based setting. a winning formula.

Implementation Tip:

AktivTV allows facilities to automate for a recurring “workout of the day” or preschedule any length of content for single or multiple geographic locations with ease for group or individual training. AktivTV is a limitless workout builder and scheduler to demonstrate any genre or skill progression.


Fun and Unique Training Tools

Gone are the days of simply running on a treadmill or performing static lifts for one’s entire workout. Users want to mix things up with fun and unique equipment and new programing. Further, functional training is trending at an all-time high and is not going away. Space and tools to support bilateral movements, suspension training, balance training and recovery are vital.

Implementation Tip:

Aktiv Functional Training tools like STRAPS, Aktiv Aqua, RECOIL and Revvll are changing the way people exercise. Tools that require people to move forward, backward, side-to-side, or in ways that are similar to how they would in everyday life have incredible long-term benefits. Consider tools that are unique and challenge people in new ways.


Robust Programming

Today’s fitness enthusiasts and athletes desire variety in their daily workouts and are looking to do a myriad of modalities. One day it may be HIIT training, the next yoga, and the next a barre class. Even boutique studios are hard-pressed to fulfill this variety of modalities due to limited space, equipment, and instructors. Facilities that offer great programming, and then can layer in diverse and varied modalities have a competitive edge over boutique studios.

Implementation Tip:

Live coaching and instruction is generally the best way to deliver fitness programming, but it’s not always possible. AktivTV can subordinate live coaching and is designed to support the programing requirements for commercial training spaces of every type. Facilities can feature their brand, color theme, or even produce and upload their own content. Whether it be an automated workout or digital guidance assuring correct form guidance and safety that supports live coaching, AktivTV has an unlimited range of applications.

With smart functional design and innovative equipment, health club operators have an opportunity to differentiate and compete with boutique studios by offering the same great formula in a unique and engaging environment. Partner with Aktiv Solutions to create movement-based fitness spaces at your health club.