As we move through 2021, the investment in employee wellness strategies perhaps has never been more important. Both in terms of the mental and physical, humanity in many ways has become de-conditioned in battling the effects of the pandemic. Employers can play an important role in building healthy solutions as they seek to support positive performance related their human capital.

Consider that a majority of Millennial and Gen Z employees actively are seeking lifestyle choices that prioritize health and happiness. Offering a variety of fitness and wellness based options that are flexible for employees working from home or at the office makes good sense.

Aktiv’s recent collaboration with Hyperice® provides a unique opportunity for companies to enhance their employee well-being investment.  Creating awareness around the importance of active recovery, and a dedication to such spaces for facilities of all types will facilitate this ascending trend.

“We are excited to work with clients towards new a new generation of approach towards employee wellbeing” said Lila Kochergin, Vice President of Sales Operations for Aktiv. “Being active and creating circulation in our muscles throughout the day doesn’t always require getting into gym clothes.  Combining Hyperice technology alongside our specialized facility design and equipment expertise gives us an entirely new dimension to support health in the workplace,” said Kochergin.

Aktiv’s new RECOVERY Bay’s x Hyperice combine smart storage and digital coaching all in a dedicated footprint. Bays can be interconnected to support personal sessions or larger communal spaces for recovery.

workplace wellness recovery spaces design by aktiv solutions and hyperice

One industry leader that’s ahead of the effort in taking recovery solutions and more into the corporate sector is EXOS.

“EXOS believes that work plus rest equals success. Our longstanding partnership with Hyperice brings this critical element of EXOS’ recovery methodology to life by putting best-in-class tools, like the Hypervolt, Vyper, and Hypersphere, into the hands of those looking to move, recover, and perform better.,” says Amanda Carlson-Phillips, senior vice president of strategic partnerships and insights at EXOS. “We’re proud to support Hyperice as they take the next step on their quest to help athletes, individuals, and physical therapy patients optimize their recovery and movement with their Aktiv partnership and the release of Aktiv Recovery Bays.”

In addition to their management of cutting edge corporate wellness spaces, EXOS offers as an extension of the care provided by employers today.  Employees can connect live, or one-on-one with an EXOS coach to receive personalized workout recommendations. The app allows them to communicate with EXOS coaches for extra support and guidance whenever they need.

Whether you’re a global operation or a startup, the investment in employee wellness can be an important component of workplace success.

Learn more about Aktiv RECOVERY Bays x Hyperice: www.