When the pandemic forced employers to shut the doors not only to their offices, but their fitness centers, determining how to offer exercise and wellness to the workforce then – and now as employees return – has certainly come with challenges.

But if approached from a design and programming perspective, businesses can truly deliver a better fitness experience now than ever before.

How? Here are four things to keep in mind:

1.    A Clearer Focus on Health

Not surprisingly, study after study reveals that people are more focused on their overall health more than ever before. But the desired outcome of “working out” has shifted.

Those seeking gym time are no longer 100% focused on their physical appearance outcomes. People are concerned about building stronger immune systems and protecting against sickness. They are also more aware than ever about increasing their quality of life through better physical and mental health.

This will play out in demand for a greater variety in exercise experiences and flexible workout spaces that you can provide to assist your employees in their wellness ventures.

2.    Increased Demand for Movement Oriented Spaces

The desired balance between cardio equipment, strength equipment, and functional open spaces has shifted given the changes in consumer preferences. Crafting the fitness space is about maximizing exercise facilitation, not equipment per square foot.

One of the biggest disparities can be found in Cardiovascular equipment, (which is consistently the most expensive equipment per unit.)

While the cardio floor is an essential area of most facilities, leaning it out and spreading it out is a good choice these days. Seek to create open and flexible spaces that are well balanced by traditional single purpose cardiovascular and strength training equipment. This offers users more options and more balance in their training.

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3.    Programming

While virtual training was trending previously as a nice thing to have to boost engagement, it is now non-negotiable. Participants want guidance through their workouts, and a multifaceted approach to their exercise experience.

Impactful spaces maintain the ability to transition from live to virtual coaching or integrate both within the training experience are a must. There’s an abundance of opportunity to meet your employees where they live, work, or play so that they have options toward their wellness goals.

4.    Focus on Recovery

Restoration and recovery have become recognized as critical aspects of physical activity and overall wellness.

Make sure to include a Recovery zone to give employees this option. Ensure that you have planned for proper storage of various tools such as foam rollers, mats, and popular massage gun training devices such as Hyperice.

The time is right to reimagine your fitness facility and design accordingly. Aktiv Solutions’ designers are uniquely qualified to translate shifting consumer needs vision into a beautiful and functional exercise space. Contact one of our Design Specialists to find out more today.