At Aktiv, we take a function-first approach to designing your fitness space. Our mission is to create the world’s most functional, effective exercise spaces that empower and motivate people. We design and optimize any commercial or home space that is tailored to your needs to help you achieve your goals. We’re passionate about helping health clubs, hotels and resorts, multi-family developers, universities, corporations and home gym clients reach their fullest potential and #getAktiv.

Functional Design

Key Considerations:

  • Modality Balance
  • Functional Occupancy
  • Premium Exercise Equipment
  • Training Accessories
  • Floor Coverings
  • Storage + Rigging Solutions
  • Digital Exercise Guidance
3D gym floor plan design with various fitness zones like functional, cardio, strength, recovery and more.



Our Smart planning and design creates efficiency and tailored inspiration in exercise spaces for every audience. At Aktiv, we incorporate leading architectural and functional design principles, and couple them with the latest in exercise trends and equipment solutions. We work to maximize your space, infuse your preferences, and energize the environment. Let’s get started!




Get connected with one of our Functional Design Specialists. Together we will discuss the objectives for your project.

Next, we will carefully design and balance your floorplan to include equipment, floor coverings, lockers, and beyond.

Choose your equipment and programming based on your needs and objectives.

Visualize your space with our high-definition rendering process that demonstrates the intended outcome. – Your vision becomes reality!


The experience we create together with our clients is unparalleled. Aktiv is dedicated to building an immersive environment for functional fitness. Our spaces are developed to be on-trend, inclusive, safe, and increase access to how and the way we move. #getAktiv