Health Clubs look for effective, customizable solutions for their facility, so their members get an outstanding training experience. More than just equipment, Aktiv optimizes gym spaces to create a unique, immersive, motivating experience that stands out from the rest. Our solutions encourage camaraderie and make members feel welcomed and empowered to improve their health and fitness.


Boutique-style fitness formats have become increasingly more popular as the demand for a more intimate gym setting has increased. In this competitive landscape, Aktiv creates uniquely designed spaces that enhance programming and deliver an unparalleled experience. Our solutions are designed to increase member retention and loyalty and build community.


Hotels and resorts look for ways to add value to their guest experience and wellness amenities are top of the list. Aktiv creates elevated, inviting fitness spaces from the ground up, so guests feel confident and motivated to stay on track with their wellness goals while traveling. Our solutions, from flooring to premium functional equipment, are designed to attract new guests and increase guest retention.


Multifamily fitness spaces are becoming one of the most sought-after amenities by renters and home buyers. Aktiv creates inclusive, motivating boutique-style fitness experiences, indoor and outdoor, so residents can ditch their gym membership for a great workout a few steps away from their front door. Our solutions are designed to enhance residential offerings, focusing on attracting and retaining residents.


More companies are looking to invest in creating a healthy work environment that promotes overall employee wellness, which results in less time off and increased job satisfaction. Aktiv creates thoughtfully designed fitness spaces, from functional training to recovery, so employees can step away from their desk and refresh the body and mind. Our solutions are designed to create an ambiance of inclusion and community, with a focus on increasing workplace productivity and collaboration.

Campus Rec

Student health and wellness is the biggest priority in schools and universities and having a well-designed fitness space on campus is critical to encourage healthy habits. Aktiv understands how to create an open, welcoming fitness space that accommodates different modalities and movement styles, where students of all fitness levels can get a great workout. Our solutions are designed to create an approachable environment with guided digital programming and premium equipment.

Community Rec

Community centers and YMCAs prioritize safe, fun, and inclusive fitness solutions for their members. Aktiv creates dynamic functional training areas that are results-driven and promote safety with self-guided training options. Our solutions are designed to generate revenue, attract members of all ages and fitness levels with boutique studio-style offerings, increase membership and retention and build community.

Sports Performance

Sports performance facilities, sports rehab clinics and specialty fitness centers alike require effective, high-performance solutions to help their athletes reach their fullest potential. Aktiv creates expertly designed spaces that prioritize functional movement. Our solutions are designed for injury prevention, optimal performance, and recovery.


The flexibility and convenience of a home gym allows people to maintain their health and fitness in the comfort of their own home. Aktiv creates optimal, engaging fitness spaces within any footprint, that is personalized to our customers’ goals and preferences. Our solutions are designed to create a special space to achieve wellness at home.