To answer the growing demands of today’s fitness enthusiasts, clubs and studios alike are clamoring to incorporate various forms of digital exercise guidance as a component of their live class and unsupervised training experiences. Boutique fitness studios such as F45 Training™ and Orange Theory Fitness® have developed their own captive visual platforms to deliver “Master Coaching” in support of their live instructors during the in-facility session. Health Clubs and a plethora of competition boutiques are also looking to rapidly address similar training support and experiential integration.

There are no shortage of rudimentary screens and digital kiosk players in the marketplace targeted to clubs that display both live and recorded exercise classes. These “fitness movies” if you will have been prevalent since the early days of the great Jane Fonda and the advent of the VCR.  Today, both the member expectations and the technology has advanced to create an opportunity to better solve for the changes in the way content is delivered in facility. Commercial facilities require a practical solution, delivered more specifically by their unique programming or brand strength, and to provide guidance for simultaneous use and unscheduled sessions. Enter Aktiv® TV

Similar to those systems popularized by the likes of F45 and Orange Theory, Aktiv® TV is designed to support multiple participants concurrently even while they train at their own pace or in sequence of the exercise program to being performed. This establishes a limitless flexibility in the way that operators can deliver quality exercise guidance at just the right time and in exactly the right amount based upon the various programming type of scheduling requirements of the facility.

Aktiv TV guides the users step by step through a workout, demonstrating how to perform each movement. Each exercise is timed, and participants then progress on to the next exercise, whether that be for high energy HIIT training workout, or an active foam roller and recovering session.

The Aktiv TV open content platform hosts a robust library of proven exercises and workouts that can be pre-scheduled to play in multiple ways, or gyms can create their own programming with ease.This opens up endless possibilities for gyms and clubs to continually change things up as trends shift, and also to highlight their own trainers and branding.

The platform supports personal training, small group training or even large group formats.  It can be pre-programmed to energize unsupervised exercise spaces, or as an assist for trainers in any area of the club, allowing for an extra assist in visualization so they can focus more primarily on the participants’ form and execution.

Aktiv TV also solves for the coveted community-driven, experiential environment by delivering a dynamic, timed, ‘workout of the day’ circuit that inherently generates a “we are all in it together” camaraderie and spirit.

The market awareness and forces behind the global expansion of boutique studios, hotels, and residential amenities – and will continue to be – a constant threat to more traditional gyms. Aktiv TV  brings an entirely new dimension and operational solution to facilities of all types looking to stay ahead of the pack.