For decades now, consumers in the fitness industry have been seeking out workout experiences that fulfill their need for movement, community, and achievement. Providing exercise equipment in your multifamily fitness facility like mats and dumbbells is one thing, but providing unique, immersive branded exercise experiences can set your building apart. The massive growth of the boutique fitness industry is in direct response to this demand from the fitness community.

At Aktiv, we understand the importance of providing exceptional amenities to enhance the living experience for your residents. As you consider allocating your capital expenditure (CAPEX) budget, we would like to highlight the significant value of upgrading your fitness facility.

Residents Want a Unique Experience

Working out in apartment gym with Xponential+ app.

According to the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, prior to the recent pandemic, memberships to boutique fitness brands increased by 121% while health club membership grew by only 15%. Currently, more than 42% of all gym memberships in the U.S. are with boutique brands. These unique branded fitness experiences provide enthusiastic and talented coaches and fitness instructors, supportive participants, and consistent yet effective exercise formats. The exercising audience craves more than just equipment, they want guidance and a connection.

Xponential Fitness is the curator of leading brands across every vertical in the boutique fitness industry including Pilates, barre, cycling, rowing, dance, yoga, running, stretching, boxing, and functional training. Xponential Fitness is the fastest growing boutique fitness franchise with thousands of studios worldwide. Now there is an opportunity to bring that high demand boutique fitness experience into your multifamily fitness facility, creating a major selling point for your property, attracting health-conscious tenants and boosting resident satisfaction.

A Turnkey Boutique Fitness Solution

Working out in apartment gym with Xponential+ app.

Multifamily amenities can build a fantastic cost effective boutique fitness experience into their facility with Xponential+ Functional Fitness, powered by Aktiv. Xponential+ Training Bays provide individual users with the space and equipment they need to take on thousands of different workouts from ten world-class exercise brand formats, including Club Pilates®, Rumble, Pure Barre®, CycleBar®, Body Fit Training, StretchLab, AKT, YogaSix, Row House, and STRIDE®.

The on-demand touch screen embedded conveniently into the GYM RAX® training bay gives the end user the opportunity to choose from an unlimited variety of workouts and even classes led by their favorite XPROs. In as little as 150 square feet and without the cost of hiring instructors, you can deliver a boutique training experience that will serve as the energy epicenter of your facility.

By investing in state-of-the-art exercise equipment, creating versatile spaces for various workout activities, and incorporating innovative technologies, you can create a premium fitness experience that will contribute to increased occupancy rates, resident retention, and overall property value.

Meet Residents Where They Are

Residents are all looking for that unique experience that motivates them to move every day and keep coming back. Because of user demand, even big box gyms are looking for something new and fresh to offer in their studio space or group training space on the gym floor. Amenity operators have an opportunity to meet residents where they are—where they work, live or play—by designing a branded fitness experience in their amenity space, resulting in increased loyalty and retention and fostering a healthy and vibrant community within your multifamily property.

Let Aktiv assist you in transforming your fitness facility into a captivating space that exceeds the expectations of your residents and elevates your property’s reputation.


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