Home workouts, and supplementing trips to the gym by exercising in the privacy of one’s own living space have become extremely desirable, and rightfully so. The convenience factor can’t be denied. 

The challenge then becomes developing an effective home gym with the right tools and a results-driven workout regimen.  

The first key to success in working out at home is keeping the sessions fresh and creative. It’s easy to fall into a rut and begin doing the same workouts repeatedly, which can result in sub-par results, and lead to boredom and fatigue. Getting stuck in the mundane can quickly shift your home gym into a space for drying laundry. 

So the question is, how does one keep home workouts interesting and new? 

Answer: The right equipment! 

When you think about home workout equipment, dumbbells, free weights, med balls, and bands may immediately come to mind. These are great staples for your home gym and should be included. Beyond these basics, a varied assortment of multi-use equipment will allow you to change up the workouts and get creative. 

Another consideration for your home gym equipment is storage and portability – especially if you are dealing with limited space. 

Following are some ideas for home gym equipment that will keep your workouts interesting, diverse, challenging, and even fun:

AKTIV AQUAVersatile, accessible and fun, Aktiv AQUA products incorporate water to create a unique stabilization challenge during training, which translates to results!  The reactionary forces driven by the shifting weight improve power and strength and facilitate gains in balance and coordination. The amount of water is easily adjusted to achieve the desired weight – so this one piece of equipment  progresses with you or can shift to support multiple users. 

Aktiv Aqua Bag

Aktiv Aqua Bag

Suspension Straps/Aktiv RECOIL TrainerSuspended training modalities remain at or near the height of popularity of all functional exercise programs performed in the gym or at home. The Aktiv RECOIL Trainer is unlike any other suspension strap and is ideal for your home gym.  The capability to “recoil” makes it a terrific solution because it’s immediately out of the way when not in use.  It also instantly levels the training straps together, from decent to ascent, with each and every use, eliminating the time it takes to adjust and prep straps for varied exercises. Built to last, this next-generation suspended training device will make home workouts efficient and effective. 

Aktiv Straps

Suspension Straps

Aktiv BANDS  – Aktiv BANDS are a multi-planar, multi-modality training tool that allows you to move with ease from one exercise to the next in your home gym. Bands can be used to push, pull, twist, or squat with varied resistance in any direction or plane of motion. Bands are available in 3 different resistance levels for all abilities. 

Aktiv Bands

Aktiv Bands

Revvll ONE – Revvll in the possibilities! Revvll ONE is the first variable resistance portable rope trainer. Rope resistance training is one of the most effective ways to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core. The REVVLL One offers the highest time-under-tension and a constant but adjustable resistance for pushing and pulling movements. Compact, light and designed to anchor almost anywhere, it’s the perfect tool to support endless rope training movements at home. 

Revvll One

Revvll One

When developing your home gym, one thing you do not want to overlook is recovery. Recovery is as important as the workout itself – it’s in the healing and repair that muscle development occurs and the body becomes more resilient and mobile. Hyperice percussive massagers, Vyper vibrating fitness roller and Hypersphere Therapy Balls are great choices. Vibration therapy enhances circulation and detoxification for fast and effective warm-ups and recovery. 

With these tools, you’ll be fully equipped to stave off lackluster workouts and enjoy your home gym to the fullest.