In recent years, the fitness industry’s shift towards innovation and technology integration has extended its reach beyond commercial gyms to hotel gyms. Travelers today are more health-conscious and value staying active while on the go. As a result, hotels are continuously upgrading their fitness facilities to cater to the demands of health-conscious guests.

Staying informed about the latest trends in fitness equipment for hotel gyms is crucial for hotel operators to provide an exceptional guest experience, stand out in a competitive market, and align with evolving health and wellness expectations. It’s an investment that can lead to increased guest satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, improved business outcomes.

Let’s dive into the latest trends in fitness equipment, including space-saving designs, and technologies that are transforming the way guests approach fitness during their stay.

Space-Saving Designs


In a bid to optimize space, hotel gyms are turning to multi-functional fitness equipment. These innovative machines combine various exercises in one unit, providing guests with a comprehensive workout without the need for multiple bulky machines.

Women working out in hotel gym designed with trending equipment. An example like the GYM RAX® FORMA™ Olympic Rack combines lifting with bodyweight stations like dips, a pull-up bar, a step-up station, and a landmine all in the smallest functional footprint in the commercial fitness industry.

Space-saving accessories in a gym are a game-changer and vastly improve the way facility operators can optimize and utilize workout areas. RECOIL makes suspended training efficient and fun with its innovative compact and fully retractable design, keeping the area tidy and the straps tangle-free when not in use.

Smart Storage

In fitness environments where every inch matters, smart storage solutions will enhance functionality, improve user experience, and maximize the available space. GYM RAX modular storage and suspension bays are endlessly configurable for every exercise space and keep equipment stored neatly and conveniently.

Hotel gym designed with a designated outdoor fitness space.

Move Outdoors

Another smart way to save space indoors is to simply move outdoors. Guests can enjoy the flexibility of choosing between indoor and outdoor workouts based on their preferences and the weather. Be sure to choose equipment that is designed for the elements and fits the aesthetic of your hotel ambiance.

Technology in Fitness

On Demand Workouts

One of the most prominent trends in fitness equipment for hotel gyms is the integration of on-demand workout programs. On-demand workouts allow guests to work out at their own pace and time, without having to worry about finding a class that fits their schedule or traveling to a different location.

Hotel gym designed with digital exercise guidance. Xponential+ Training Bays offer a variety of on-demand workouts, including yoga, Pilates, cardio, and strength training. Hotel guests can get the same quality workout they would at a studio from world-class boutique fitness brands like Pure Barre, YogaSix, Rumble and Club Pilates, conveniently located at their hotel and at any time that works for them. Bays are equipped with the space and equipment needed to perform each workout safely and efficiently.


With the rise of technology, hotel gyms are embracing tracking systems. The Xponential+ Training Bays have touch screen kiosks that enable guests to login with their personal Xponential+ app account, connect their wearable and track performance metrics, such as heart rate and calories burned, allowing guests to monitor their progress and stay motivated.

Rather than traditional cardio equipment, consider connected equipment, such as bikes and treadmills that support both digital coaching and data syncing to keep guests engaged.

As travelers prioritize health and wellness, hotel gyms must keep up with the evolving fitness industry to cater to their guests’ needs. The latest trends in fitness equipment for hotel gyms focus on space-saving designs that maximize the floorplan, and interactive technologies. By embracing these fitness equipment trends, hotels can provide their guests with not just a place to stay, but a holistic wellness experience that leaves them feeling rejuvenated and motivated to maintain their fitness journey even while traveling.