Aktiv teams with the leading brands in fitness to create the Functional Training Ecosystem® – a modular dynamic training environment unlike any other, developed to deliver energizing and socially engaged workouts. Our Gym Rax® smart rigging systems serve as a cornerstone for all storage and suspension support. Refined design and complete scalability for commercial facilities of all sizes and types.


Gym Rax Freedom® Mount Technology provides the safest and most efficient quick-change mounting system ever developed.

The Freedom Mount is designed to keep up with today’s dynamic exercise trends and operator safety requirements. The articulating axel to shackle system provides non-binding connection for equipment of all types including punching bags, aerial hammocks, rope trainers, and suspension trainers. Closed loop carabineer locking provide ease of inter-changeability during training from one exercise devise to the next.


Gym Rax Interchangeable Storage Rax are labeled by equipment type providing member direction for use and replacement.

Our patent pending adjustable storage technology allow the inter-changeability of RAX within every Bay!  Configure your system any way you see fit. Change your programing down the road?  No problem, our RAX can be reconfigured without the need for technicians or even tools!


Fitgraphix™ floor markings enhance spaces by directing safe training and guided movement patterns.

Fitgraphix guided systems optimize the function of space, equipment, and the instructors that power them. It’s a revolutionary tool designed to aid programming in support of form, function and safety for all facility types.

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