Been doing the same workouts and training regimen all summer? It’s time to switch it up!

Fall is a great time to restock and refresh your home gym equipment or fitness facility with premium functional training tools crafted to facilitate your workouts – anywhere, any time.

Consider layering reactive training and multi-planar movements to up your game, such as…

Aktiv AQUA

Aktiv AQUA products offer a novel and effective form of stability training and are great for warm ups to more intense strength and conditioning training, and everything in between.

Since the amount of water is adjustable, the exerciser or trainer can easily modify the weight toward usage, and the user.

The water creates a unique stabilization challenge during functional movement. Reactionary forces improve power and strength to offer versatility for balance, coordination, posture and sports specific training. Take the AQUA Bag anywhere for a great outside or at-home workout!

Aktiv Straps

The Next Generation In Suspension – Aktiv Straps™ are the most versatile suspension straps on the market. Two (2) heavy-duty independent, adjustable straps are the basis for wider range of motion and exercises, providing vastly improved ergonomics over other, single anchor point systems.

Quick grip interchangeability means you can swap out the grips for the barre or sling, expanding usability to incorporate aerial yoga and limitless strength training exercises. 

Fabricated with only the highest quality materials ensuring maximum safety and functionality, Aktiv Straps come in a variety of colors and are built for the rigors of commercial facilities, home gyms and outdoor workouts.


Aktiv BANDS are an entire multi-planar, multi-modality training system. In conjunction with the The GYM RAX® Free Anchor™Bands can be used to push, pull, twist, or squat with varied resistance in any direction or plane-of-motion.

Move with ease from one movement to the next in a personal training or a group exercise session.

Need home gym flooring? Med balls, kettlebells, slam balls?  Aktiv is your source for all functional training essentials as well as recovery tools

If you are looking for hygiene products for your home gym or fitness facility, we’ve got you covered there as well.




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