You may intend to build the most dynamic, organized and efficient functional training zone, fully outfitted with the finest products and equipment on the market, but if your programming and activation don’t align with the space, it’s a miss of monumental proportions.

Today’s clubs and studios are largely “graded” on the experience they provide. The right environment plus the right tools plus effective training guidance – activation – add up to success. Missing one or two of these components will strongly throw off the equation – and likely your retention and acquisition rates.

While you may have terrific certified coaches capable of guiding solid workouts, don’t assume that they are all experts on planning and organization for their routines or focused on continuity in respect to what their peers are also teaching.  Further, are they property trained or supported in respect to utilizing the full environment of space and tools the facility has made certain investment towards?

Ask yourself if the programming that’s being activated is interesting, fun, unique, varied and dynamic? Do you feel confident that your team can deliver on safety for every individual and every workout? Are you maximizing your space to its absolute fullest potential? Are new members seeking the facility to take advantage of increasingly experiential space and variety in training methods?

And the ultimate question: are you getting the best possible return on your space allocation and equipment investment?

Being wholly competent and efficient in activating your functional training ecosystem in a way that is experiential, results-driven, and accessible for all levels takes work, knowledge and skill.

Integrating a self-guided digital training platform can both enhance the fun factor and member experience while ensuring your training team stays on track with specific workout protocols that are consistent with managements’ expectations.

Allocating the time and resources needed to truly educate your staff, will drive results sure to come back to you in both revenue growth and client retention.  Consider making a minimal investment in your team towards helping them to curate their focus and effort towards increased continuity in the training experiences they are delivering to your clients.  Our Designing the Exercise Experience Workshop can help jump start or refocus your team’s commitment to success.  Learn More >> Designing the Exercise Experience® Workshop.