Personal Studio

Your Personal Exercise Experience

Aktiv’s Personal Studio™ was developed to maximize limited space, limited budget, with unlimited workout experiences. A versatile storage system with all the gear you’ll need to pair with Xponential® + world class instructors. Train for strength, cardio, mobility, flexibility, and recover all in your personal gym space.

Personal Studio solutions are perfect for:

  • Home Gym
  • Hotel In-Room fitness
  • Workplace Amenity Spaces

Thousands of classes from the best brands in boutique fitness

World-class exercise experiences where you Live, Work, or Play

Personal Studio combines a Gym Rax® storage bay with all the equipment needed to power every Xponential+ session.  The commercial grade frame and shelving system is the perfect complement for home, hotel room, or employee fitness center. 

Fitness equipment in hotel guest room.

Personal Studio

Fitness equipment in hotel guest room.

Personal Studio + Connected Screen

*Subscription required.

The personal touch screen delivers an unlimited variety of boutique training sessions updated and powered by Xponential+. Classes are led by leading instructors from the most widely recognized studios including Rumble®, Pure Barre®, Yoga 6®, Club Pilates®, and Stretchlab®.
Two people working out on Xponential+ Training Bays.


An immersive personal training experience occupying the same space as a single treadmill.


Choose from live and on-demand classes from brands including Club Pilates®, Rumble, Pure Barre®, StretchLab, YogaSix, Row House, and STRIDE®.


The most popular exercise genres and daily updated: An endless array of exercise fun.

Aktiv’s proprietary GYM RAX® functional training bays now incorporate thousands of sought after Xponential+ on-demand classes creating endless workout variety for every user.

Details of Xponential+ Training Bay features.

Train with expert fitness instructors

Xponential+ instructors are experts, not influencers. With years of knowledge and a whole lot of personality, there’s no one better to push you towards your goals.

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Evolving A Gym Staple: The Smith Machine

Evolving A Gym Staple: The Smith Machine

For decades, the Smith machine has been a fixture in gyms worldwide, offering a sense of security and stability for various strength training exercises. However, its fixed bar path has always been a source of debate, raising concerns about its impact on natural movement patterns and potential for injury. While the classic Smith machine has many strengths, the revolutionary new GYM RAX® SMITH S3D Trainer™ (S3D) targets its weaknesses and aims to bridge the gap between safety and natural movement.

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