The SMITH 3D Trainer™ (S3D) is an evolutionary strength training system, marking a major advancement in barbell training technology. Unlike traditional Smith machines that feature only a fixed linear range of motion (ROM), the S3D’s primary advancement is a multi-directional ROM that mimics the natural travel path of an Olympic barbell.

Made in the USA

Natural Barbell Path of Travel

The S3D moves the way you move. Unlike traditional Smith machines that follow only a single linear bar path, the S3D is the ultimate training partner.

Unique Pre-load Adjustability

Achieve your ideal starting point for lift off. The S3D pre-adjustment capability allows for perfect positioning before every lift without the need to compromise your form.

Safety Redefined

Synchronized safety catches enable self-spotting throughout the entire exercise. The S3D eliminates the noise and intimidation factors associated with bar drops and common squat rack re-racking.

What others are saying…

The 3D Trainer is as versatile as it is functional… it’s a confidence-building tool for beginning lifters and at the same time offers an expansive range of advanced movements within a minimal footprint—An absolute standout.”

– Dan Elder, VP of Operations – IRON Fitness

The S3D enables us to progress our patients towards strengthening and stabilization with added safety.  For disc injuries…we’re able to reduce pressure and increase stabilization in the low back and hips by restricting lateral movements without inhibiting a natural movement pattern.””

– Dr. Suani Lara, DC

The 3D Trainer is very efficient and without needing a spotter as with a free bar. You feel way more secure when going through exercises, and still fully engage your whole body just like a regular bar setup.”

– Robert Rochell, Green Bay Packers

Such a great addition to SRLA helping to take our clients’ performance to the next level. What I like most is it provides extra confidence in all my workouts. It helps me to stay in my core and engage my full body.”

– Rosie Kamalmazyan, CEO – Sports Rehab LA

As soon as the S3D moves, your core gets activated, your legs are activated. It’s a total body training machine. Great for athletes and easier to manage from exercise to exercise than regular free-weights.”

– Elijah Cooks, Jacksonville Jaguars

The SMITH 3D Trainer replicates barbell movements with improved safety, control, and space optimization. Transition effortlessly between exercises, building strength and muscle mass optimally. The synchronized safety catches adapt to every path of movement, offering peace of mind for both beginners and experienced lifters.


A Natural Free-Weight Training Experience

The S3D barbell carriage system advances a fluid motion to simulate the natural feel of barbell training, but with the safety and efficiency of a traditional Smith machine. Synchronized safety catches allow for self-spotting throughout the entire range of motion during exercise. 



Assist clients with form correction with increased visibility of movement patterns thanks to the S3D’s open design and without the simultaneous requirement of spotting.


Noise Abatement

Significantly reduces the sound and vibration associated with excessive bar drops and re-racking of squat, deadlift, and bench press movements.


Exercise Guidance

Scan the QR code located on the post of the S3D to access a library of the most popular and effective exercises for all fitness levels.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional barbell training.

Elevate the free-weight training experience at your facility with the SMITH 3D Trainer.

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