(Santa Monica, CA) – February 13, 2024 – Barbell training has long reigned supreme for building strength and muscle, offering versatility and adaptability for all fitness levels. But limitations like awkward setup, safety concerns, and space constraints have limited even wider consumer adoption. Introducing the GYM RAX® SMITH 3D Trainer™ (S3D) from Aktiv Solutions – an evolutionary advancement in free-weight training systems designed to welcome the surging population of strength training enthusiasts.

Man doing back lunges on Smith 3D Trainer

The SMITH 3D Trainer seamlessly blends the advantages of free weight training with the safety and versatility of its unique, patent-pending design. Unlike traditional smith machines, the S3D mimics the natural movement patterns of barbell exercises without the restrictions of a single and linear range of motion. Seasoned lifters and beginners alike can push their limits with confidence thanks to the synchronized safety catches that act as a built-in “spotter.”

Key Features:

  • 3D Movement: Replicates the natural flow and movement pattern of free weights for optimal muscle activation.
  • Enhanced Safety: Synchronized safety catches allow for “self-spotting” throughout the entire exercise. Ideal for unsupervised facilities including large health clubs, fitness amenities, and student recreation centers.
  • Space-Saving Design: The S3D compact footprint maximizes gym space without the requirement of additional lifting platforms.
  • Versatility: Flow seamlessly through a wide range of barbell exercises with control and power.

“The world is recognizing the transformative power of strength training, from boosting longevity and mobility to enhancing overall quality of life,” said Bryan Green, CEO of Aktiv Solutions.  “Very few tools compete with the natural movement and effectiveness of the barbell. With the S3D, we’ve now unlocked unprecedented levels of efficiency, safety, and user experience, making barbell training accessible for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or goals.”

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional barbell training. Contact Aktiv today to elevate the free-weight training experience at your facility with the extraordinary SMITH 3D Trainer.

Learn more about the SMITH 3D Trainer at https://aktivsolutions.com/gym-rax/smith3dtrainer.

About Aktiv Solutions

At Aktiv, we Design The Exercise Experience®. Aktiv’s end-to-end solutions equip both commercial and residential fitness spaces with premium products and digital guidance powering today’s most sought-after workouts. GYM RAX® is the world’s leading fitness rigging solution for modular storage and equipment suspension.  Aktiv harnesses the power of movement-based modalities with the technical expertise of functional design. Our mission is to establish safe and engaging health clubs, studios, hotel gyms, corporate fitness centers, multi-family amenities, and beyond, while our clients deliver inspirational exercise experiences.

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