When gyms were shuttered during the pandemic, people turned to working out at home. Many built magnificent home gyms, stocked up on fitness equipment, and began enjoying the autonomy, privacy, and convenience that their home gyms offered.

There are certainly many plusses to working out at home.

Conversely, your local gym or studio offers certain benefits that cannot be replicated in a home gym. Now that we are entering back into “normal life” as we know it, studies have shown that people prefer a hybrid of home and gym workouts to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Taking advantage of both can be the perfect recipe for your fitness success.

Let’s take a look.



Developing your own home gym allows you to look at your specific training wants and needs and cater to them. You can build around your workout regimen and desired outcomes. The key to developing a home gym that will stand the test of time is to include equipment that will support multiple modalities and keep your workouts interesting. Considerations such as Aktiv AQUA the Revvll ONE and the Aktiv RECOIL Trainer come to mind.


Convenience is one of the primary benefits that come with a home gym. You can work out when you want, with little to no prep time, or drive time. If you are strapped for time, you are less likely to miss a workout if you have the tools at home. Keep in mind that to preserve your home gyms ‘at the ready’ condition you will need smart storage options so that tools are in their place and not underfoot or messy. A messy home gym can become frustrating and stymie your training.


Working out in the privacy of your home is another benefit of a home gym. While people are social by nature, occasional solo workouts can be enjoyable and necessary for an emotional and mental reset.


Ample Equipment and Space

Fitness facilities offer a wide variety of equipment and – if designed well – ample open space for dynamic movement and functional training. This means that overall, the gym can facilitate more varied workouts.

Variety and Inspiration

A well-designed fitness facility can offer an environment with dynamic and inspiring energy that may push you to workout harder. Small group training that facilitates this energy while providing a personal training space and your own equipment for each session is ideal. You can also gather ideas and inspiration at the gym that you can take home and use in your home gym.


Fitness facilities that foster a community of like-minded people will help hold you accountable and keep you motivated to work out. Again, humans are social beings, and we want to “belong” to a group. Being part of a community is healthy and uplifting. Friends, staff, acquaintances, and trainers at the gym will inevitably get to know you, and you them, and it is always nice to be recognized for making the effort to work out and connected to the people there.

Guided Training

Guidance can translate to better performance and better results. Luckily, these days there are so many digital guidance options in the gym and for your home gym, this aspect can be executed anywhere. When choosing a digital solution for your home gym, make sure it is robust, offers varied workouts and modalities, and is easy to use.


Striking a balance between working out at your home gym and working out at the gym is a terrific solution for most and will allow you to achieve the best results. Having a home gym to supplement your workouts and offer you privacy and convenience when you need it while heading to the gym for that great energy, group training and inspiration is a combination that cannot be beat. 

And Don’t Forget Recovery!

Whether you are working out at home or in the gym, take time for recovery. Hyperice percussive massagers, Vyper vibrating fitness roller, and Hypersphere Therapy Balls are great choices. Vibration therapy enhances circulation and detoxification for fast and effective warm-ups and recovery.