We live in a world where people want what they want, when they want it, how they want it.

This translates into some unique implications for fitness facilities when trying to meet their members’ demands.

We all want to work out when it’s convenient for us. With endless online streaming and live video options, one can literally engage in a guided workout anytime, anywhere in the world, which today creates some significant hurdles for gyms to try and compete with.

Exercise variety is also an expectation. From yoga to a HIIT circuit to a 30-minute core workout, many gravitate from one modality to the next on a daily basis. Facilities need to be flexible and robust in their programming offering to keep up with these ever-changing mandates.

Tracking everything from our steps, to calories, to performance, to reps, to speed and distance has become the norm. We covet technology and we measure everything.

To top it all off, we expect all of these things be available to us within a dynamic, social, shared environment or we are not interested in coming. We are motivated by others, and seek interaction, connection and community as part of our exercise experience.

With the seemingly insurmountable resource, operational, logistical and digital requirements all of these things require, how does a fitness facility even begin to solve for these factors?

Aktiv Solutions has made this our mission.

With our design-first approach, a focus on intelligent storage and safe suspension systems, and unique training tools, each aspect has been intentionally developed to address these precise considerations.

But fitness is evolving, and change is constant.  In-facility experience is critical, but results driven training is the real non-negotiable forward.  Hence, Aktiv will now bring a completely innovative digital platform to market to provide even more forward-thinking solutions that solve for ever-changing and evolving challenges within different environments.

Introducing Aktiv TV and Aktiv Virtual®

Aktiv TV is Functional Training On Demand™ and at its best. This flexible content management and distribution platform is designed to deliver fresh and branded ‘workout of the day’ experiences any time. It is a fully deployed solution that’s scalable to virtually any training space.

Powered by our signature training library, Aktiv TV is also adaptable to include your original content with ease. This makes Aktiv TV the first open platform of its kind that can be used by not only every gym and boutique fitness studio, but also by coaching clinics, senior living establishments, children’s centers interested in offering movement and fitness, and more. Its applications are nearly limitless. And, whether implementation includes one or hundreds of locations it is both easy and cost effective to deploy.

Aktiv TV is great for communal training anytime and in virtually any setting, and it can also be a great assist for live session training as a passive guidance system.  On the other hand, Aktiv Virtual  is a personalized  on-demand kiosk designed to deliver  the ultimate virtual personal training session.

Aktiv Virtual - Functional Training On Demand Comparable to the cost of a treadmill, Aktiv Virtual delivers an unlimited combination of workout variability and fun in the very same footprint!

Aktiv Virtual guides each training session with expert level coaching, biometric personalization and motivation. Users can select workouts by modality, time, degree of difficulty, and even select their favorite trainer.

This completely unsupervised solution is applicable for any gym or boutique studio, and also ideal for multi-family dwelling or apartment fitness centers, hotels, corporate gyms, or any space that can benefit from delivering interactive, results-driven workouts.

In bringing our new digital solutions to market, Aktiv seeks to help solve for the seemingly unsolvable.  Our Self-Guided training digital resources address and provide solutions for on demand, interactive, results-oriented, trackable workouts, all done in a shared space with seemingly endless exercise options.

Whether you are looking to energize an individual workout space, or transform an area into a dynamic functional training zone, look to Aktiv.

Let us help you design, program, and build workout experiences that meet and exceed your members demands, and solve for your business needs.


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