Fitness and wellness have been among the most sought-after amenities in the multi-family and hotel sectors for some time and are still on the rise.  

A recent study done by Accor shows the availability of sports and fitness space in hotels is increasingly appreciated and consumers prefer to stay somewhere that supports their healthy lifestyle. According to, residents are looking for a wider range of wellness offerings other than just a pool, and fitness is top of the list. 

As we envision the next generation of fitness amenities, broadening access and location to physical activity is paramount.Seizing the opportunity to connect and extend the workout experience beyond your walls can serve to differentiate you. One unique and exciting way to do this is by creating an “adult playground” outside.  

An outdoor amenity space offers many benefits. Consider the following:  

Fosters Community 

Gyms and fitness facilities naturally foster community. Within an exercise space, like-minded individuals are working to improve their health and wellness and this brings about a sense of camaraderie. It’s an environment that encourages engagement.   

Now, consider a space that’s inherently more visible, open, and accessible because it’s outside. In a multi-family environment, an outdoor gathering area such as this can serve as an innovative and convenient meeting place that encourages health and wellness.  

Outdoor Play 

Playing outdoors in the fresh air among other people is just plain fun and cultivates a youthful feeling that cannot be replicated in the gym. Walking, running, jumping, climbing, pushing and reaching are all things humans instinctively do when outdoors.   

Now, factor in the terrain, change in temperature and changes in ground elevation and it becomes a more challenging and effective workout.  

With the right equipment and well-designed space, outdoor training structures like Ecosystem dramatically enhance the landscape of fitness as we know it.

A Healthy Change of Pace 

Taking the workout outside offers a change of environment which can inject new energy into the session. The benefits include fresh air, an increase in serotonin levels, sensory stimulation, the assimilation of Vitamin D and more.    


Attract New Residents and Guests

A well-designed and innovative outdoor training structure will set your facility apart from the rest. It can help to identify your property as different, forward-thinking and fun. Feature it on your website, on social media and on tours as part of your healthy lifestyle offerings and fun and unique activities for residents and guests.  

In summary, creating an outdoor training space is a win/win for residents, guests and, and operators alike. For ideas and consultation contact Aktiv Solutions today.