As you invite members back into your fitness facility, clearly Hygiene Protocol is your top priority.


Cleaning of Air:

The conversations around best practices and products to effect the cleaning of surfaces are abundant, but we must also remember that surface areas are only a fraction of the equation. Equally important – or more – is the air your members breathe.

Consider implementing smart and cost effective air purification systems. We’ve partnered with Oransi to offer an optimized and easy to implement system.  The Aktiv Hygenix C-EJ120K Commercial Purifier system was chosen by the Javits Center in New York during the Coronavirus outbreak. It provides a Medical Grade HEPA filtration efficiency of 99.7% + a secondary granular activated carbon filter effective for all gasses. It does not require connection to your HVAC system, and it can be placed in pods to provide effective coverage for any space.


You will want to incorporate signage and visual guidance to direct members and staff regarding hygiene protocol and best practices. Our visual aids and communication guidance options include signage for interior, exterior, and overall best-in-class membership experience. Customization is available to enhance the brand experience.

Cleaning of Surfaces:

We also continue to supply two commercial-grade disinfectant wipes, and various wall and floor dispenser options to work within your fitness amenity.


How you optimize and utilize your space will be critical in terms of maintaining ROI, while keeping members safe. Not to mention the aesthetic factor. It will take a thoughtful approach to adjust your floorplan to address this current environment, while remaining a branded and energized space.

We are here to support.