Project Name: Illume

Location: Washington, DC

Market Segment: Multifamily 

Project summary: This luxury apartment building in Washington DC has it all. With rooftop pools and views of the Capitol building, a top-of-the-line fitness facility was a must.

This project called for creative, intentional spatial design. The use of lighting and designated flooring creates modality-specific zones without disrupting the natural flow of the space. This thoughtful design creates a unique and engaging exercise experience for residents.

The floorplan was carefully designed for easy flow from one zone to the next. Modality-specific flooring was considered to help separate spaces.

Included Zones:

  • Functional Training Zone
  • Amenity Room
  • Strength Training Zone
  • Cardio Zone

This multifamily building strives to offer elevated amenities, so high-end equipment and finished were a must.

Featured Equipment: