According to the ACSM, free weight strength training is ranked as the second most popular fitness trend worldwide for 2023, just behind wearable technology. Since its debut on the ACSM trends list at number four in 2020, training with free weights has consistently remained within the top ten trends.

It is clear that this trend is not going away anytime soon.

Therefore, the question arises: Is your facility optimized to support and facilitate free weight-based strength training? While you may offer a range of dumbbells and some medicine balls, are you equipped to provide the best possible experience for your members?

Take a moment to evaluate your gym floor and equipment, and consider the following aspects related to training with free weights:

Does your floor plan support strength training with free weights?

Merely offering free weights is not enough. If your design, allocated space, and even the flooring are not well-thought-out to specifically accommodate strength training, it can lead to member frustration and even injuries.

Firstly, training with free weights requires ample space. The movement of users with the equipment must be taken into consideration. For example, you wouldn’t want a participant swinging a kettlebell right next to someone doing bench presses. Planning the space to avoid potential collisions with moving equipment is crucial. Consider modular equipment lines that can be configured to fit your space, such as the GYM RAX® FORMA™ strength series, a premium line of Olympic-style racking, plates, benches, and dumbbells for every space in fitness.

Secondly, where the equipment is placed before, during, and after workouts is important for keeping your gym floor free from clutter and reducing the risk of accidents like trips and stubbed toes.

Lastly, selecting the right flooring is essential. Choose a flooring material that can absorb the impact of dropped weights and also takes acoustics into account.

Fitness space with strength and free weight equipment.

Does your equipment enhance the member experience?

Not all strength equipment is created equal. It’s important to invest in quality, durable strength equipment that optimizes user results.

FORMA equipment is meticulously designed to optimize workout performance and maximize results. The FORMA Olympic Rack is easy to adjust with its patent-pending Free Lock™ connection technology, and is designed for efficiency with integrated plate storage, and exceptional safety. Users can perform squats, bench presses, lunges, landmine exercises, pull-ups, and more within a small stable and secure footprint.

There are various types of dumbbells that differ in feel, performance, storage convenience, and aesthetics. FORMA dumbbells, for instance, are designed to both inspire visually and enhance the exercise experience. One notable feature is the square head, which prevents the dumbbell from rolling away and supports exercises such as renegade rows or dumbbell-assisted push-ups.

Unlike other dumbbells that prioritize logos, FORMA dumbbells prominently display their weights, making it easy for users to identify them quickly and improving the overall user experience.

Are the free weights easily stored and out of the way?

Equipment storage is a crucial consideration for any fitness space. Having smart storage solutions that provide specific spots for each piece of equipment and are intuitive to use helps users return equipment to the right place easily. Additionally, storage areas should be safe, without any sharp edges or tripping hazards, especially in areas where dynamic movements are encouraged.

The FORMA 3-Tier Free-Weight Rack is an ideal solution. It is compatible with FORMA dumbbells and most other brand dumbbells, accommodating up to 12 sets. Constructed with high-durability steel for stability and equipped with rubber footpads to prevent sliding and slipping, this rack ensures both functionality and safety.

The FORMA Horizontal Plate Rack is a great solution to store FORMA Bumper Plates or Olympic plates. It accommodates 5lb through 45lb weight plates with spacing of dividers and support bars optimized for all plate sizes and styles.

Does the equipment have visual appeal?

Adding a touch of visual appeal and fun contributes to a more pleasing overall presentation. FORMA offers color options with many products, including the pull-up bar and barbell, and even custom-branded dumbbells and plates. FORMA Dumbbells are also available in select colors that can complement any space and brand, enhancing the visual appeal of your facility.

The popularity of free weight training is undeniable, with it consistently ranking as one of the top fitness trends worldwide. If you want your facility to capitalize on this trend and provide the best possible experience for your members, it is essential to optimize your facility for free weight training.

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