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The moment exercise becomes play, everyone wins. It almost seems Taboo. Adults on a playground? You bet.


An indoor space where movement is encouraged and variety of activity is abound. From Monkey Bars to Ninja Grips, everyone wants to hang around these days. Hit the heavy bag for a round, then over for some pull ups, and a little TRX in-between. It’s really not complicated…and that’s the point! We all know we need to move and do so at a pace quick enough that our heart rate stays elevated. If we can do that and have some fun “Monkeying” around, all the better.

Studies show that when elements of Play are incorporated, our ability to learn, relax, and stay engaged in the present activity is maximized. Savvy operators quickly equate this to member satisfaction and retention. Now, blend the physical environment with one that promotes socialization and provides guidance, and you’ve got a recipe for results driven success.

Building a playground requires planning around spatial considerations, safety, design elements, and of course an economic model. Just adding a functional training rig or a plethora of accessories is unlikely to do the trick. Plan for peak traffic times and a broad appeal to your members for a successful outcome.  Be thoughtful, bold, and most of all make it fun!

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