In creating a private home gym or a commercial fitness facility, it’s imperative to prioritize an inclusive gym design. A commercial facility that is safe and accessible for people of all abilities, ages, and fitness levels is not only a responsible approach, but also one that will foster a sense of belonging. The same holds true for a home gym that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from.  Done well, this will further the effort to foster family bonding around wellness. In planning for the balance and requirements of all users, we develop a gym that welcomes and accommodate everyone.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits and differences in considerations related to smart gym design for private and commercial spaces:

Understanding the Users

Commercial Gym: In a commercial gym, expect a wide-ranging demographic with varying abilities and age groups. All equipment and facilities should be accessible to people of all abilities. This includes having accessible restrooms and parking, as well as equipment that is easy to reach and use. Create open, inviting areas with engaging training accessories to foster a sense of community and inclusivity.

Home Gym: Begin by considering who will use the space now and in the future. A home gym for a family of four will differ from one designed for a single individual. If children are part of the household, factor in considerations such as sports performance and training.

Consider opting for gym equipment and layouts that support overall fitness and specific sports training needs, like lateral swings for baseball or golf training, and even pickleball. Straps, bands, and aqua equipment offer versatility and can be easily stored, accommodating various training preferences.


Digital Guidance

man and woman doing digital workout with AktivTV

Commercial Gym: Digital guidance plays a pivotal role in making your space accessible and safe for everyone, particularly beginners. It serves as a tool to instruct users on equipment usage and provide workout guidance. Choose a digital guidance system that integrates seamlessly with your equipment, is user-friendly, and offers diverse workouts suitable for various fitness levels.

The AktivTV multi-screen digital platform can facilitate a near unlimited range of exercise programing, format, and automation for fitness facilities of all types. Operators can upload and schedule their own content or choose from the AktivTV library of exercises and workouts for all user demographics and abilities.

Home Gym: For home gyms, introducing digital options adds an element of excitement and keeps the environment fresh for different users across multiple sessions. Digital workouts can provide motivation from trainers, help users track progress over time and take the guesswork out of a fitness routine.


Smart Storage Solutions

Commercial Gym: In a commercial gym, eliminate potential hazards associated with loose equipment. Consider storage that keeps equipment closer to the floor and accessible to all users. GYM RAX modular storage systems offer interchangeable shelving to store fitness equipment neatly and where users need it most. Thoughtfully plan the placement of storage to avoid interfering with workout spaces and ensure safety.

gym rax storage bays with accessories

Home Gym: Prioritize smart and safe storage solutions, especially if there are children in the space. Opt for storage options like GYM RAX® that take up minimal space, are easy to access and have designated places for equipment to prevent tripping hazards and clutter.


Commercial Gym: In today’s fitness landscape, recovery techniques are essential for enthusiasts of all levels. If you’re a commercial gym operator, offering recovery options is a must to stay competitive. Consider creating a dedicated recovery space that caters to different fitness levels. Offer innovative cold water recovery solutions like Plunge to set your facility apart and meet the diverse needs of your members.

Home Gym: Recovery is vital for everyone, whether you’re an adult staying fit or a teenager aspiring to make the football team. It helps prevent injuries, reduces soreness, and promotes strength development.

man stepping into plunge bath with dog next to him

Explore recovery tools such as vibration devices from Hyperice or for those seeking innovative options, consider cold water recovery tubs like Plunge.



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