ToniAnn Werner is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and Barre instructor who trains and teaches at Best Fitness in Danvers, Massachusetts, and a member of the Aktiv Ambassador team.

Here, ToniAnn shares her thoughts on training with the Aktiv suite of products within the BFitt60 Functional Training Ecosystem — 

Q: How has the Best Fitness facility changed since being powered by the Aktiv Functional Training Ecosystem®

A: It changed the entire atmosphere of Best Fitness. We are light years ahead of where we used to be when it comes to functional training, and definitely ahead of our competitors. We used to do everything on the floor and now we have a fully integrated, multi-dimensional approach to functional training that helps me, as a trainer, get creative with my programming and facilitate fun workouts for my clients.  It’s also enhanced the flow of group classes and use of space. Due to these factors, we have increased traffic and membership.

Q: What is your favorite Aktiv product?

A: The Aktiv AQUA Ball. I love the fact that I can change the weight for every client. For my more advanced clients, I can make any exercise more challenging. For my less advanced clientele, I simply decrease the weight and even use it for rehabilitation or stability work. I haven’t found anything like this and I think it’s genius.

Q: How do you use the Aktiv AQUA Ball with clients?

A: Progressions of basic exercises. As an example, I can start with a simple lunge, then twisting lunge, then progress to a walking lunge with a twist. And I can modify for all of my clients.

Q: What other equipment are your go to essentials?

A: Suspension straps, med balls and plyo boxes. I can create a whole range and variety of exercises and training sessions with just these tools.

Q: What do you like about being an Aktiv Ambassador?

A: I love the Aktiv brand and products, and as an Ambassador I can help support and amplify what I believe in – smart, efficient and effective functional training that’s varied, results-driven and fun!


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