Debi is a certified trainer, group fitness instructor, avid athlete and also an Aktiv Ambassador.

Here, Debi shares her thoughts on training with the Aktiv suite of products.

Q: What is your favorite Aktiv Product?

Straps – hands down. I train a lot of clients in their homes, and the straps are versatile, portable and I can do literally hundreds of different exercises with them. The strap or straps can be anchored anywhere and by adjusting the length of the strap/s I can deliver all types of HIIT training and functional workouts.

How do you use the Aktiv Straps with clients?

I can create a full body workout using just the straps. I do everything from rows to skull crushers to chest flies, pike pushups, bicep curls… you name it. My clients love it because I don’t just have them using weights or bands… it’s fun for them to switch things up.

Also, working out in different planes of motion is important for everyone from seniors working on balance, to conditioned athletes, and it’s something we sometimes don’t do on our own. I can use the straps and have my clients do fun and creative exercises that involve multi-planar motion and they get a better all-around workout. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Q: What do you like about being an Aktiv Ambassador?

I love the equipment. To me, it feels like playing versus working. Using a GYM Rax rig I  can experiment and do things up off the ground and at different levels. It’s dynamic training at its best! Being part of the Aktiv team has been terrific and I’m proud to support this great company and brand.

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