First Image Photo Credit: 360 Huguenot St, New Rochelle, NY

In 2023, the integration of digital exercise programs in a fitness space will become less a question of whether it’s necessary and rather a question of what kind of digital programming should be employed. According to a recent report from Club, the overall fitness industry is estimated to grow at a rate of around 8 percent, but digital fitness is growing exponentially faster at a CAGR of more than 49 percent to reach a market value of somewhere around $80 billion by 2026.  

Digital programming can offer various benefits to facility operators and plenty of added value to your clientele. There are two primary ways to deliver digital workouts that can be deployed in a fitness facility: on-demand or pre-scheduled. Let’s dive into both, so you can decide what works best for your facility.  

On-Demand Digital Exercise Programming 

On-demand digital exercise guidance refers to any platform, whether it be an app on a smartphone or kiosk in the gym, that allows the end-user to choose their workout, or even create their session, at any time. This autonomous-style platform might allow for varied length, intensity, or modality. If one gym member wants to do a tough 20-minute HIIT workout, and another member wants a 40-minute boxing workout, the same platform may have the ability to provide what the end user wants.  

XPLUS Functional Fitness Solutions can provide this single-platform service for fitness spaces in hotels, corporate offices, multifamily buildings, and beyond. Instant access to thousands of sought-after Xponential+ on-demand classes with endless workout variety on their own schedule. Perhaps of even greater benefit to the operator, on-demand solutions do not require supervision, allowing amenity-type facilities to automate a boutique studio experience without staffing. 

Pre-scheduled Digital Exercise Programming 

Pre-scheduled workouts are great for unsupervised small group training zones or to automate boutique studios with fixed coach-lead classes. AktivTV Pro allows commercial facilities the ability to create and manage their own exercise library, create their own workouts, and play them whenever they wish. This automation allows for ultimate variability and specialized branding specific to the facility that deploys it.  

The facility can create anything from a guided exercise circuit to a multi-round AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), and even simply a single-screen workout. The benefits here extend beyond visual guidance as they create opportunities for branding, service, and unique signature experiences.  

The good news about the state of the fitness industry coupled with the rapid growth of digital fitness is guided solutions now can fit any facility, from small studios to large health clubs, to hotel and even apartment gyms.  This creates an environment with opportunities for users to find community, confidence, and success, all while the facility can better define their brand, and provide a great experience for their clientele.