IHRSA 2019 marked the launch of a new generation of dynamic training solutions in the form of Smart Rigging®, digital technology and fresh new tools and formats.

Following is a review of what we proudly unveiled…

GYM RAX®Apogee

Built upon the GYM RAX commitment of unapparelled quality and function in modular rigging, APOGEE redefines framing appeal and design. Each frame and storage integration is crafted to provide maximum value in finish, functionality, and longevity. Apogee is the industry’s Apex in SmartRigging®.

Revolutionary Digital Solutions


This first-of-it’s-kind, flexible content management and distribution platform offers a limitless exercise builder to facilitate any genre or skill progression, delivering dynamic, results-driven workouts and workout of the day programming.  Aktiv TV lives within an infinite scalable footprint and serves as a fully deployed solution for fitness facilities of all types and sizes. Powered by Aktivs’ signature training library, Aktiv TV is also adaptable to include original content and integrate with the MyZone heart rate monitoring system.


Aktiv Virtualis a unique on-demand training experience designed to deliver individual and guided workouts for exercisers of all types and skill set. Virtual trainers lead each user though the training session with expert level coaching, personalization and motivation. Users select workouts by genre, time, degree of difficulty, and even their favorite trainer. The system also syncs seamlessly with a user’s wireless Bluetooth headphones for a more immersive experience.

Fresh New Functional Training Tools


Aktiv Bands attach to your GYM RAX Bay with ease and facilitate limitless movement patterns across all planes for a truly authentic functional training workout.  Simplistic in design and usage, yet robust in results, Aktiv Bands make multi-planar movement work smart and fun.


Train Unpredictably! Aktiv® AQUA products create a unique stabilization challenge during functional movement. Reactionary forces improve power and strength to offer versatility for balance, coordination, posture and sports specific training. Extremely durable and waterproof for easy cleaning, they are ideal for outdoor and boot camp style training. Available in four shapes & sizes to create unlimited levels of beginner to advanced instability training. Aktiv® AQUA products add an entirely new dimension to all workout programs.

Revvll One

The Revvll ONE mobile rope trainer provides unique and continuous variable resistance on demand. It’s the perfect tool to support endless rope training movements for users of all experience types.This modality is one of the most effective ways to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core.



Designing the Exercise Experience®Workshop

This workshop effectively educates on the activation of the functional training ecosystem in a way that is both experiential and impactful. Building enthusiasm for clients and staff alike serves as the foundation for maximizing investments in space allocation and equipment.