Photo By Evolve South Bay 

As we head into the New Year, clubs and fitness amenities will experience ‘fitness season’ when new or reinvigorated members and guests start their New Year resolutions. You will likely see some fresh new faces and members with new fitness routines for the year.  

Build on the momentum of your members and guests and consider a facility refresh for the year ahead. Remaining relevant and on-trend when it comes to your gym design, equipment, programming, and accessories is critical to meet the demand of those coming in with new energy and goals.  

A facility refresh doesn’t have to be an overhaul, it can be an assessment of each area, and if needed, some upgrades here and there.   

When thinking about a refresh, consider these areas: 


Your facility likely has dumbbells, free weights, med balls, and bands, which are necessary tools for users. But beyond these basics, various multi-use equipment will allow members and guests to change up their workouts. Simply adding a few new and interesting pieces of equipment can be a nice refresh. 

Aktiv Aqua is a great solution. Versatile, accessible, and fun, Aktiv Aqua products incorporate water to create a unique stabilization challenge during training, which translates to results!   

Suspended training modalities remain at or near the height of popularity of all functional exercises. Suspension Straps and Aktiv Recoil Trainer are top suspension tools. Recoil is unlike any other suspension strap in that can “recoil” and be out of the way. It also instantly levels the training straps together, from descent to ascent, with each and every use, eliminating the time it takes to adjust and prep straps for varied exercises.  

Aktiv Bands are a great multi-planar, multi-modality training tool. Bands can be used to push, pull, twist, or squat with varied resistance in any direction or plane of motion.  


While virtual training was trending previously as a nice thing to have to boost engagement, it is now a non-negotiable. Participants want guidance through their workouts and a multifaceted approach to their exercise experience.  

Impactful spaces must be capable of transitioning from live to virtual coaching or integrating both within the training experience.  

Additionally, when it comes to classes or personal training – try incorporating some of the new equipment discussed above to change things up.  


Restoration and recovery have become recognized as critical aspects of physical activity and overall wellness. If you don’t have a Recovery zone it’s time to create one. Vibration therapy enhances circulation and detoxification for fast and effective warm-ups and recovery. Hyperice percussive massagers, Vyper vibrating fitness roller and Hypersphere Therapy Balls are great choices. 

The time is right to reimagine your fitness facility and design it accordingly. Aktiv Solutions is uniquely qualified to adapt to shifting customer needs into a beautiful and functional training area. Contact one of our Design Specialists to find out more today.