The popular fitness industry topic of “omnichannel fitness” stems from consumer demand and expectation for access to services and guidance from their fitness membership beyond the gym or studio. Consumer demand for fitness is no longer relegated to only the health club or boutique studio. In fact, even the siloed idea of choosing whether one is to exercise from home or at the health club is no longer the case. If exercise is to become engrained within the fabric of one’s life, it should be accessible and meet us where we live, work, and play. 

People expect a seamless experience between multiple platforms like those provided in a facility, through a website, a mobile app, and through digital platforms in the facility itself with individual account access. According to Forbes, consumers are looking for this convenience and depth from companies in all industries. 

Today, whether at student recreation centers, hotels, corporate offices, or multifamily housing, the fitness amenities at these locations may be the primary place people choose to work out. Amenity operators have a responsibility to implement fitness solutions to satisfy user demand and create healthier, happier communities.

With technologies like smartphone key access, self-check-in, and cashless services, digital platforms for fitness and wellness amenities that create experiences comparable to those at the gym or studio might be a no-brainer. Creating personalized experiences and conveniences that consumers are looking for will not only maintain cohesion between their fitness experience at the gym, at home, at work, or traveling, it is an excellent retention and loyalty tool, as well as another great way to maintain touchpoints with the end user.

Here are two great ways that amenity operators can provide highly valued fitness experiences through omnichannel platforms:

Omnichannel fitness free Aktiv mobile app

Mobile Fitness Apps

When consumers can’t make it to the gym or they are on the go, a fitness mobile app may be an excellent option. Guests, residents, and employees are already using mobile apps to clock in, check-in, and more, so accessing a mobile app for exercise is merely a step away. The free Aktiv mobile app, for example, puts exercise guidance in the palm of their hands. This app serves as a basic entry point for fitness and users can follow along with hundreds of different exercises for upper body, lower body, core, and recovery using body weight or essential functional training equipment.  


Omnichannel fitness on-demand fitness solutions

On-site Individualized Digital Guidance

As much as users want access to fitness instruction on the go, they also want to access individualized, on-demand digital workouts on-site. Platforms like Xponential+ Functional Fitness gives users access to their own account, with their favorite Xponential-branded workouts. Boxing, barre, strength, dance, and Pilates among other favorites are available on demand and curated exactly how each user likes it. All necessary equipment for each workout is available right there in the bay and matches the equipment used in the workouts on screen. Whether at their apartment gym, at work, or staying in a hotel, this unique concept gives users a tailored, guided exercise experience and allows facilities to keep pace with the high demand for boutique training experiences.

It’s imperative that hotels, corporations, universities, and multifamily facilities understand the important role they play in omnichannel fitness, as well as how they can leverage key platforms to offer more options within their own offering. These amenities can attract users and create loyalty by providing omnichannel wellness and fitness options that are convenient, engaging, and comparable to health club and boutique studio experiences.

Aktiv Solutions can help guide this process through thoughtful gym design and digital exercise solutions.

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