How a space is designed affects the way people act, interact and experience that space so it’s critically important to plan.

Considerations such as how to help people get energized and stay motivated to adopt exercise as a lifestyle’ how to fit all your constituents needs be it 20-somethings, middle aged weekend warriors or the active aging; how to remain relevant as trends shift; and how to break down barriers of entry to ensure spaces are inviting and approachable are all important.

Being that they are communal in nature, Community Rec Centers and YMCA’s have a huge opportunity to succeed, as people are seeking to get back amongst other people.

But how to balance and build the best space, delivers on the issues above, on a likely tight budget?

Join Aktiv Solutions Founder Bryan Green and education director, Andrew Gavigan as they share how to optimize your facility to address these issues and stand the test of time.

Topics Include:

  • Design + Renovation – Building the Boutique Experience
  • Next Gen Communal Training Zones
  • Smart Rigging + Modular Storage
  • Digital Coaching Implementation.

View the Optimizing the Training Epicenter for Community Recreation Webinar and Discussion here to get answers and information today.