As we move through the effects of COVID-19, many people have relocated their workouts into their homes as a convenient solution. In-home workouts offer flexibility to fit in a workout any time of the day, but exercising inside in isolation day after day can deprive individuals of two important health benefits: socialization and fresh air. 

Community parks can bridge that gap by offering citizens a way to supplement their at-home workouts – outside. By adding outdoor fitness equipment in community gathering spaces, we provide opportunities for neighbors and families to come together for better health, socialization, play, and recreation. 

In fact, providing the opportunity for an outdoor workout has become essential for modern-day parks. The key is choosing the right equipment. If done right, the space will be esthetically pleasing and facilitate results-driven workouts while being accessible and fun for all. 

Here are some important considerations when choosing outdoor fitness equipment: 

Be Sure it’s Built for the Elements 

Don’t make the mistake of taking indoor equipment outside and calling it a day. If you are going to provide a long-term solution, the equipment must be made for outdoor use and to withstand all weather conditions.  

Elevate the Training Experience  

Taking workouts outside allows you to get creative with larger equipment that can facilitate dynamic outdoor play. Think back to the liberating, joyful feeling that came from swinging on the monkey bars during recess. Structures that remain free and unobstructed underneath facilitate body-weight training and movement in every plane, opening up endless training opportunities and fun. 

Safe and Accessible 

If a structure is placed in a community, it must be safe and accessible. It should be welcoming for all fitness levels and ages. Work to create a clearly defined area that’s engaging and allows for movement without obstruction.  

Keep it Natural 

Choose equipment that intentionally aligns with the landscape and is visually inspiring. Avoid cumbersome, bright equipment that can become an eyesore for the neighborhood. If done right, the equipment and space should exude a natural training realm of endless stimulation and creativity.  

Inviting individuals to spend time outdoors, be active and engage in community is inherent to what community parks are all about. And it’s more important now than ever before to enhance our outdoor fitness offerings that also drive community engagement.  

If you’re ready to explore outdoor fitness equipment Aktiv’s latest addition to the Gym Rax line of Smart Rigging solutions – Ecosystem – was conceived to meet the growing demand for engaging, guided exercise outdoors.  Intentional, supremely functional, and visually inspiring, it facilitates a welcome and natural training space for all to enjoy. 

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