OUTDOOR FITNESS | Designing the Exercise Experience®

Over 85% of people want accessibility to outdoor exercise equipment to help them stay active.


Research shows that people prefer fresh air, sunlight and a feeling of being closer to nature during exercise.

Aktiv creates comprehensive and energizing outdoor functional training spaces designed to extend a greater indoor facility offering, or as stand-alone open air gym experiences.

Exercise Outdoors

  • 470 million people already workout outdoors.
  • The Aktiv ACADEMY app is free to all users and provides guidance to over 750 functional training exercise that can be performed indoor or outdoors.
Outdoor Fitness Environment

Aktiv creates outdoor functional exercise playgrounds for any size space. Our outdoor fitness equipment is both youth and adult friendly and supports individual or group training sessions at student recreation centers, health clubs, boutique studios, hotels and resorts, apartment communities, and even backyard home gyms.