Bio: Matt Miller is based out of Atlanta, GA and comes to SOFITCO with over 18 years of experience in the fitness and recreation industry. Prior to joining SOFITCO, Matt managed college and university fitness/recreation centers at North Carolina State University, UAB, and the University of West Georgia. Drawing on those experiences, he is able to create functional fitness spaces that inspire activity, are aesthetically pleasing, and help his clients achieve lease-up, retention, engagement and ROI.

Project Name: Arya Peach Tree

Location: Atlanta, GA

Market Segment: Multifamily

Project Summary: “Clients typically seek out SOFITCO when they are looking to do something different than the status quo,” says Matt Miller. “We’ve found success with GYM RAX and the suite of Aktiv brands to help deliver on-trend, functional spaces that not only serve as an energizing exercise environment for residents but also a marketing and retention tool for our customers.”

Featured Equipment:

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