Where to Use

Best for: Group Studios, Fitness Centers, All indoor exercise spaces (under 12' ceiling height)

Coverage Area

Approx. 750 sq ft per Unit

Effective For

Dust, Pollen, Mold, Smoke, Bacteria, & Pathogen Capture

Medical Grade

No air by-pass so all the air is filtered. HEPA filtration (MERV17) efficiency of 99.7% + a secondary granular activated carbon filter effective for all gasses.

Filter Replacement Indication

Electronic display alerts you when it is time to check the air filters.

Reliability and Quality

Air purifier, filters, housing and electronics all made in USA.

Easy to Use

Simple controls with electronic 5 speed button to dial in the exact air flow.


Latest German engineered motor is quieter and uses up to 90% less energy.

Room Size

For commercial application, each unit will support approximately 750 sq ft with 4 air changes per hour.

Perfect for fitness centers of all sizes, group exercise studios, hotel gyms, corporate wellness, and even for home use.  

In Partnership with Oransi, our C-EJ120K is super quiet - in fact the quietest air purifier on the market for the cleaning volume achieved. 

Filter Sequence

If you remove the filters, the white HEPA filter should be inserted first with the black seal facing inwards (in the picture we show the seal so you can see it although be sure to place the seal facing in). This will ensure it makes a tight seal with the metal frame of the air purifier. The carbon filter is installed next and also acts as a pre-filter. So, when you open the front cover the first filter you should see is the carbon filter.