Aktiv Battle Rope


The Aktiv Battle Rope is perfect for cardio training, improving your endurance of several areas of both the upper and lower body and for increasing reaction time & metabolic rate.

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Product Description

Improve your grip and increase power with high intensity, low impact exercises performed using the Aktiv Battle Rope.  Sculpt your entire body performing slams, waves, jacks, throws and pulls!  The Aktiv Battle Rope is hard to fray, break or come loose. It is extremely hard-wearing and provides excellent resistance for strength training.

Power rope training is brutal in its hit to an athlete’s conditioning and is an excellent developer of grip strength. The battling rope is universal because it has an ability to build core strength and improve core-to-extremity strength that helps you to hit your next workout, or opponent, hard. Battle ropes can provide a high-intensity, whole-body workout that gets your muscles moving in new ways and although they are often thought of as a tool for your upper body, their benefits don’t end there. Battle rope workouts work the muscles in your abs, back, and glutes, and you can incorporate movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats that work your legs.

The Aktiv Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today’s high-demand dynamic training environments.



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