Apogee Triple Suspension Bay Bundle


The complete multibay Apogee Suspension solution. A triple bay bundled with an assortment of the most popular Rax products.

Quickly adjust the Rax storage positions to fit your needs and expand in the future.

Includes Free Weight Rax, Trough Rax, Universal Rax, Freedom Mounts, and standard pull-up bars.

Traditionally anchored.

Steel frame powder-coated Storm Grey


Product Description

GYM RAX® modular wall systems perfectly complement any home or fitness center training environment.
APOGEE represents the fitness industry’s apex in Smart Rigging™ solution.

• Unlimited configurations adapt to training spaces and modalities.
• Storage designed for quick tool-free adjustments and maximum versatility.
• Suspension engineered for fluid motion and safety.
• Expand now or in the future with additional Rax, Pegs, Bays, or Suspension.
• Enjoy refined smart rigging with elegant esthetics.

• Apogee Triple Suspension Bay with 4 Freedom Mounts, 3 standard pull up bars and traditionally anchored.
• 3 Free Weight Rax – An ultra-strong flat shelf with protective matting engineered to support all your free-weight essentials from DB’s to Kettlebells.
• 3 Trough Rax – A shallow basin crafted and air-vented to support a multitude of lighter weight training tools from foam rollers to yoga blocks.
• 3 Universal Rax – Exceptionally versatile storage for ball training in all forms including Stability, Wall, Slam, and Medicine.

• Freedom Mount® – Articulating stainless steel shackle provides fluid motion and quick interchangeability.
• Smart Storage – Each Gym Rax® storage bay is optimized to achieve the greatest versatility in adjustability and equipment accommodation within a minimum footprint.
• Boot System – Designed to provide a protective base shrouding eliminating the dangers and unsightliness of exposed anchor bolts.
• Automotive Paint Process – Durability and performance are essential in functional rigging. Our signature paint coatings are engineered to provide multiple layers of protection and abrasion resistance.

1” x 1” x 1” (2.54 cm x 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm)