HEPA + Carbon Filter Replacement Kit

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Replacement filter kit for the C-EJ120K Air Purifier includes (1ea):

  • Medical Grade HEPA filter (MERV17)
  • Carbon Filtration replacement filter

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Product Description

The C-EJ120K replacement filter kit provides medical Grade HEPA filtration (MERV17) efficiency of 99.7% + a secondary granular activated carbon filter effective for all gasses.

Formaldehyde Removal: 99.78% (48 hr test)
Sulfur Dioxide Removal: 99.39% (48 hr test)
Nitrogen Dioxide Removal: 99.97% (48 hr test)



16" x 16" x 3"

Main Filter Life

6-8 months recommended replacement

Carbon Filter Life

6-8 months recommended replacement