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LYFT Power Bands is the best solution if interested in some fitness variety.  As a popular alternative to standard strength building through fitness equipment and lifting, these power bands provide resistance through five (5) different levels of elastic strength.

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Product Description

The LYFT Power Bands are remarkably easy to learn to use, and allow you to create a remarkable range of exercises using a single piece of equipment and perfect for personal training and for use in fitness clubs and home gyms. With five different levels of resistance within the LYFT Power Bands, switching from level to level is as easy as putting one band away and picking up the next.  This variety gives new challenge to exercises you’re already familiar with.   By choosing the band that best matches your fitness level, you can create challenging workouts with very little equipment.

Resistance bands allow you to work out all of the same muscle groups you would be able to exercise using free weights or specialized machines at the gym – however, with resistance training, the muscles are prevented from “maxing out,” but are nevertheless fully activated throughout both the concentric (lifting) part and eccentric (lowering) part of an exercise. This leads to better range of motion, overall strength, total burn, and even cardio if you go for long sets with little rest or try super-setting.  Further, you hit a muscle from not only a full range of motion, but also a range of angles that you would not be able to get with machines and also simulate sports movements more effectively than with cables or other types of equipment.

Finally – and possibly most important to people who are constantly on the go, they bring flexibility to your exercise schedule because if you throw them into your suitcase when you travel, you can exercise anywhere. So if you are looking for an inexpensive, portable, and flexible piece of exercise equipment – for your home or for your professional gym or workout classes, the LYFT Power Bands are excellent for the need to create state-of-the-art resistance band workouts.

The LYFT Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today’s high demand dynamic training environments.



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6 months

– Cost-effective and space-saving
– Great for working out while traveling
– Comprehensive all-body exercise tool
– Can be incorporated into bicep curls, horizontal chest presses, squats, rows, overhead presses, tricep extensions, and much more
– Power bands can be combined with other equipment to create even more variety