LYFT – Slam Ball




The LYFT Slam Ball is a completely rubberized slam ball built to take a beating and built to last.  This quality no-bounce, no-roll ball has been specifically designed for high-impact throwing and slamming training ball exercises.

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The LYFT Slam Ball grants fitness benefits like no other piece of equipment. From total body conditioning, to multi-directional core training, and enhanced athleticism, it’s the slam dunk of any training regimen.  The LYFT Slam Ball is a heavy, padded ball used in plyometric training exercises, the purpose of which is to use “explosive” force to throw objects rapidly and repeatedly.  This approach, involving an eccentric contraction of muscles followed immediately by a concentric contraction, is believed to increase athletes’ speed and power simultaneously – and, will greatly benefit all users at every fitness level.

Almost anyone can do slams with a slam ball. They’re a super easy movement to perform that can be done with minimal skill, yet still executed well under high levels of fatigue and stress.  Further, the slam ball is done for developing power, strength, and speed. It works best for triceps, abdomen, shoulders, calves, back, glutes, quads, etc. This exercise increases heartbeat and burns a good number of calories. By allowing for fast, dynamic exercises like slams, passes, swings and throws in a wide range of motions, the LYFT Slam Ball creates the explosive power and functional strength that traditional gym equipment cannot. They’re also great for adding resistance to body weight workouts and intensifying repetitive movements to simultaneously build muscles and increase aerobic capacity.  You get the cardio benefit of the lighter weights, and the strength and cardio on the heavy balls. 

Whether it be for MMA, football, wrestling, or just general athletic training, the LYFT Slam Ball will provide magnificent results by incorporating them into your training. There is some give to the balls, so your grip is being challenged, along with your core, posterior chain, and arms… a full body workout!

The LYFT Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today’s high demand dynamic training environments.

Color: Black
Weights (in lbs): 14; 16; 18; 20; 22; 24; 30; 36; 42; 48; 54

– Improve functional strength, stability and balance
– Increase explosive power with dynamic exercises
– Add challenging variations to bodyweight workouts
– Quality construction to last for years despite heavy use
– Durable PVC cover
– Stuffed with sand
– No-bounce design makes it perfect for plyometric slam ball exercises
– Rubberized cover and knurled surface insure a superior grip