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Featured Configuration | Apogee Single Suspension Bay

GYM RAX® modular wall systems perfectly complement any home or fitness center training environment.
APOGEE represents the fitness industry’s apex in Smart Rigging™ solution.

Configuration Footprint: 4′-6″ x 3′-4″ ft


  • Trough Rax

    Trough Rax

    A shallow basin crafted and air-vented to support a multitude of lighter weight training tools from foam rollers to yoga blocks.

  • Universal Rax

    Universal Rax

    The GYM RAX® Exceptionally versatile storage for ball training in all forms including Stability, Wall, Slam, and Medicine.

  • Free Weight Rax

    Free Weight Rax

    An ultra-strong flat shelf for non-rolling items with protective matting engineered to support all your free-weight essentials from DB’s to Kettlebells.

  • Rax Bins

    Rax Bins

    Includes 2 Bins & Undermount Kit (Must be purchased with Free-Weight Rax)

  • Freedom Mount® (x2)
  • Deluxe Pull-up Bar (x1)
  • Free Anchor™ System


    The GYM RAX® Free Anchor system is designed to support the smallest functional footprint in the industry and alleviate permanent fastening challenges and constraints.

    No Drilling Required

*Accessories not included


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Product Description

Gym Rax® modular wall systems are the perfect complement to any home gym or commercial training space. Store all your equipment neatly and where you need it most. Select a pull up bar type, hang a punching bag, or attach suspension training straps with ease.

Gym Rax commercial grade frames allow for interchangeability as your training preferences grow. Utilize for storage or an unlimited array of functional training tools including dip bars, wall ball targets, plyo platforms, and more.


  • Modular Configuration and Future Expandability
  • Interchangeable, quick-change shelving system
  • Freedom Mount Technology
  • Free Anchor System – No Drilling Required


Configuration Footprint

4'-6" x 3'-4" ft (1m 37cm x 1m x 01cm)

Training Footprint

8'-6" x 8' ft (2 m 58 cm x 2 m x 43 cm)

Functional Occupancy

1-2 Users


Frame: Storm Grey; Shelving Rax: Gun Metal Grey



What's Included

Single Bay: Posts, Crossmember, Rax Channels, Boots, Suspension Beams, Pull-Up Bar, Gussets, Freedom Mounts, Freedom Mount Plates, and Hardware. Free Anchor includes Apogee Free Anchor system for Suspension and Hardware.

Gym Rax Features

  • Our patent pending Free Anchor™ design alleviates permanent fastening challenges so you can install Gym Rax systems anywhere!
  • No Drilling Required.
  • Each Rax shelf and peg unit is interchangeable so you are never stuck with your configuration.
  • Preserves floor space with the smallest functional training system footprint available.
  • Add additional bays, reconfigure, and adjust as your training preferences grow and change over time.
  • Freedom Mount Technology allows for safe anchoring and fluid suspension of Straps and Heavy Bags.


Our Gym Rax storage and suspension systems will arrive unassembled, on one or more pallets measuring up to 92″x 48″ each.

Certain individual components/boxes could weigh as much as 55lbs.

Smaller accessories may ship separately.

Once you place your order, a Customer Experience Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your set-up options and offer the additional support you may require.

SELF-ASSEMBLY: Detailed self-assembly instructions for your Gym Rax system are linked directly here:

INSTALLATION TEAM FOR HIRE: If you are not comfortable with self-assembly, Aktiv can connect you with a Certified Installer you can hire directly to install your new Gym Rax system.


Gym Rax Warranty

Gym Rax warrants to the original purchaser that Gym Rax equipment will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods and in the following respects:

Structural framing (excluding powder coat, paint) Limited 10-year warranty against manufacturer defect
Freedom Mount® 5-year replacement warranty against manufacturer defect
Monkey, pull-up bars, Wall Ball Targets, Rax channel and Wall bar set Limited 5-year warranty against manufacturer defect
Rax Shelving, Bins and Pegs 1-year warranty against manufacturer defect
Powder Coat, Paint 1-year warranty against manufacturer defect
  • Gym Rax product shall be free from manufacturer defects and warranty covered as stated above from the date of delivery to the end user
  • This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective component of Gym Rax manufacturer. Repair or replacement will be at the discretion of Gym Rax, and is the sold remedy of the warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover damage that is not a result of a manufacturer defect, including improper assembly, inadequate maintenance, or installation of other parts or components not manufactured or supplied Gym Rax
  • This warranty does not cover damage or failure as a result of an accident, abuse, corrosion, use of the system other than its intended purpose, discoloration of paint, neglect, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, lightning, freezing or other natural disasters, collision, or unauthorized modifications.

*All hardware must be properly tightened and assembly instructions adhered to per the Gym Rax installation agreement. Gym Rax does not accept responsibility for improperly assembled product or product where all hardware is not tightened or used.

Notice of Maintenance Requirements

Many products listed above will show signs of wear over time. All products should be visually inspected regularly for loose nuts or bolts, or any other demonstration of wear. Any product that shows signs of missing or loosening parts, wear or any other irregularity should be taken out of service as reasonably appropriate until either repair or replacement can be effected.

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